The modern way to communicate

Tap into knowledge and gain insights and expertise within your organisation

Project Groups Enable Faster, Simpler Communication.

Controlled user permissions means you can be sure vital project information is seen by exactly who needs to see it. Keep in close contact with all members of your team and make sure deadlines are met on time, every time. Effective teamwork has never been so easy.

‘At a glance’ Status View

Red, amber and green status lights make it easy to see which team members are currently online. With built-in '@' mentions tagging it's easier than ever to hightlight your co-workers within discussions.

Effortless Sharing. Engaged Employees. Smoother Workflow.

Inspiration through Collaboration

The team workroom feature encourages productive conversation between staff. Employees can share ideas, ask for help and offer solutions. Increased communication fosters a creative and supportive corporate culture, leading to more innovation within your company.

Secure File Sharing

Share your spreadsheets, presentations, videos and more with Honbu’s simple file share feature. All files shared within the Honbu platform are 100% secure, so you can be sure no confidential information will be leaked.

Reduce Email Overload. Centralise Communication.

Build a Collective Resource Base

Enhance your content with social sharing, bookmarks, likes and auto-enrichments. Staff build a pool of relevant links and information, providing yet more inspiration for your company.

Don’t Miss a Thing

Notifications keep all staff members in the loop. Relevant information like postings to groups, conversations and mentions are all brought to the user’s attention. No more cluttered inboxes, just one slick operation with everyone on the ball.

Unify your Workflow

Import relevant information from sources that are important to you straight to your central, Honbu hub. With everything in one place, you’ll know at a glance exactly what needs doing when, making it easy to prioritize important tasks and organise your workday. Github, Pivotal Tracker and RSS currently compatible, others including Dropbox, Box and Google Drive to be incorporated very soon.

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