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Unify your teams workflow

Honbu is an online software collaboration platform that's built to streamline communication within your business.
Discuss and brainstorm ideas, innovate and adapt quickly to change, drive productivity and increase employee engagement.

Team Sharing

Harness the power of group thought. Share news, documents, ideas and build rich-content together.


Stay synced and in the loop with whats going on. Total transparency. Simple, streamlined and time saving.

Less Email

With a central place to communicate less emails get sent and your team becomes more productive.


'@' symbols allows you to mention your co-workers within discusions. Easily organise information with '#' hashtags.

Instant & Searchable

Everything is stored forever. Instantly find anything with full-text search capabilities right at your finger-tips.

Knowledge Base

Tap into knowledge and gain insights and expertise within your organisation. Enhance company culture.

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